Saturday, May 30, 2009

Madrona Market 2009

Yesterday was my first day back at the Madrona Farmers' Market this season. (The market actually started 2 weeks ago, but I was practicing delegating.)

They've rearranged things a bit, adding an extra row of stalls. That means the vendors can't keep their cars on site, which is always a sweet luxury, but it also makes it a better market for the customers because there's more variety.

Madrona is one of my favorite markets, though it's hardly one of my busiest. I love the fact that it's hosted by the Grocery Outlet: strange bedfellows, but plenty of good feeling. I see quite a few customers who I used to see at Columbia City because the two markets aren't far from each other. But at Columbia City I rarely have the time to slow down and enjoy the people, while here there's plenty of time to do just that.

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