Friday, April 24, 2009

The Small-Mart Revolution

This week I read Michael Shuman's book, The Small-Mart Revolution, about the nuts and bolts of building local economies. I recommend it, despite his predilection for overusing cutesy phrases and acronyms (including "Small Mart".) I've long been passionate about local foods, but this book helped fill in many of the gaps in my understanding of how local purchasing helps to build healthy communities. I was especially interested in his emphasis on banking locally: it had never occurred to me that depositing money at a bank that's based in another city sucks funds out of my own region.


BJ said...

I have always hated giving our business to the big mega banks. Though I live in a small community, outside a larger one (but still small by most standards), all the banks around here are big chain banks. I am old enough to remember small banks....and the customer service they provided with a smile. (Remember customer service?)

I will watch for this book - thanks for posting about it.

heidi said...

We have banked at Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union for about 8 years and always been very happy with service, our only complaint, they won't do any business banking. So we went to Frontier, another Washington bank for business.
Would never go back to either of the big guys we used to use